Values in Healthcare - VIHASA for Medical Professionals
Sunday, 22 July 2018 - 9:30am to 5:00pm

With today’s emphasis on quality of service, how can healthcare professionals deliver the best possible care to patients and at the same time feel enriched and supported by their work? How can they thrive rather than survive?

Values in Healthcare: A spiritual approach (VIHASA) is a modular training programme developed by a core team of healthcare professionals. It addresses an important gap in personal and team development by taking a fresh, values-based approach to their learning and practice. Raising morale is to re-emphasize the importance of values in guiding practice at all levels. There are some excellent values statements produced by health care organizations, but for values to be meaningful, they must be owned at a personal level and then integrated into our work.

This facilitated programme consists of a unique blend of experiential group exercises, with time set aside for personal reflection and group discussion. Self-enquiry is encouraged through personal reflection to identify their own values and discover how their insights can enhance their personal lives and revitalize their work. Movement-based exercises offer natural breaks and opportunities to experience values in a personal way.

Who can attend : Doctors, Nurses, Allied therapists, Paramedics, Hospital Administrators, and Medical/ Nursing /  Paramedical Lecturers


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