• Sanjay Mendiratta
    Vice President & Head: Investor Relations, HCL Technologies

    ORC has a natural calling as I experience strong positive vibrations and energy that stimulates and rejuvenates me spiritually. I am overwhelmed with unconditional love and affection that is showered by the ORC family.

    I have been associated and aligned with Brahma Kumari’s spiritual principles and also practicing Rajyoga meditation since 2012. At BK, I have learnt to adopt the best practices in the way we lead our lives – in our thoughts, words and actions. And let me add- it has been a wonderful journey. The knowledge and yoga have greatly empowered me to drive my future with objectivity and clear vision. I have discovered and experienced the best in myself resulting in enhanced productivity at work and improvement in overall quality of life.

  • Divya Miglani
    Media Professional

    It has been a beautiful journey. Brahmakumaris has been a major part of my life. I have attended the Choose , Change & Become Retreats for young professionals here at ORC which have benefited me in many ways. I have learnt so much from all the lovely sisters and the divine Dadis. One thing that stood out for me is a simple technique of ‘traffic control’ of thoughts. How every hour we can check our thoughts just for a minute and keep clearing the waste thoughts and feel more productive and refreshed. Though I belong to the television industry but have never been fond of watching it until I got to know about this 24 hours Peace of Mind channel by Brahmakumaris. It is my intention to bring such positive programming in the mainstream channels someday :) 

  • M M Singh
    Chief Operating Officer , Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

    Our close association with the Om Shanti Retreat Centre and the institution of Brahma Kumaris has been in existence for many years. Our people have derived significant benefits from these spiritual engagements. I have personally visited Om Shanti Retreat Centre on many occasions to attend few sessions, and these deep engagements have influenced me to look at life in a different way.

  • Sunil Kumar Yadav
    Vice President – General Affairs, Honda Cars India Ltd

    We as a company have been associated with the Brahma Kumaris and ORC since August 2006 and have so far covered more than 1000 employees of our  Gr. Noida plant for the training on Self Empowerment imparted by the Brahma Kumaris. The rating for training effectivelness on a scale of 1 to 5 has been around 4.8 or sometimes even 5.
    Some of the main benefits that employees have received as a result of these programs are that at the managerial level it has helped in handling man power in a more effective manner and has also helped them manage conflicts. It has helped in increasing inner peace and calm thus enabling them to maintain a good balance whilst performing their duties well. On the associate level we have observed that it has helped increase the concentration and focus of the participants as a result of which they are able to avoid making mistakes and hence increasing productivity considerably.

  • Divya Khosla Kumar
    Film Maker / Actor

    Visiting ORC was a life changing experience for me. The vibrations I got there were so peaceful and godly. My soul was restless before now after doing the course from ORC I religiously have started doing Raj Yoga and have received immense peace, positivity n happiness ... I was struggling to find myself before and now I actually feel God himself guided me towards His teachings and recharged me. In this kaliyug all of us feel so lost ...The Bramhakumari teaching  is extremely important and a necessity of life to survive in this age.  
    Thank you!  Your support has been like a new light for me.
    Gods light of blessings, energy, happiness, peace and positivity ... Om Shanti