Reclaim Your Intuition - Well-being Retreat for Architects
Saturday, 22 December 2018 - 10:00am to 4:30pm

Running the race, surfing through tides, The life brings more, as I move along

Ripping apart challenges by situations and folks, Moments of stillness, power me more

The silent warriors of nearest squad, Tireless bravos,  never let you down

Sustain their practice, to outperform, Reclaim your Intuition, the Time is Now...

Intuitions form the roots of the greatest ideas, which in turn become the building blocks of the world around as.  History has revealed witnessing diverse environments impacted and influenced by the creators' and inhabitants' thoughts and actions. Healthy intuitions breed on qualitative life index and overall well being; something difficult to manage in a routine full of deadlines.

The Retreat - Some folks from architects' fraternity took an offbeat path to rediscover the lost connection with own well-being. Without getting into traditional mysticism, using simple fundamentals towards one’s own outlook they could ins-perience the bliss of life. Now got together, to share with the rest of the fraternity. The fundamentals are backed by insperiences of millions and also corroborated by experts in the field of spirituality, medicine and training.

The new package is friendly, sensitive to the needs of participants of all age-groups, catches quick personal interest and communicated through diverse media of interactions. We are sure that this finds application at your workplace as well as home.