Recharging Inner Powers - for Young Professionals
Sunday, 13 September 2020 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm

We welcome young professionals to join us for an enlightening session on the topic 'Recharging our Inner Powers'. For a long time we have relied on the outside world to recharge our batteries. When things outside become unpredictable it’s wise to go within and reignite the inner powers. How to do it practically? What are the Inner Powers? Is it relevant for me? Find out by joining our session.

The main speaker for the session is BK Kamla. She has been practicing Rajyoga Meditation for More than 35 years and also worked in corporate sector for 17 years. She has been addressing professionals at all levels of corporates to enable them to gain accurate understanding of how one’s potential could be accessed and put to best use by way of clarity of Self Concept through Spirituality. She has delivered sessions at the HQ – Northern Command of the Indian Army and also served across nation at various Defence Organisation establishments.


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