National Conference for Industrialists and Businessmen
Saturday, 23 March 2019 - 10:00am to Sunday, 24 March 2019 - 2:30pm


Managing the Business of Life for True Happiness 

Objective of the Conference

Anything and everything we do in life is our responsibility - Our Business. Life gives us in return, what we invest in it. And whatever we do in life, is to ultimately receive the return of happiness. We strive day & night to give ourselves, and our near & dear ones their priceless gift, which is Happiness. But at the end of the day we feel drained & their expectations for happiness never seem to end. Moreover, how-ever we get of a thing, it does not satisfy us for long. This is because anything that is materialistic or limited has a beginning and has an end; which means that the happiness derived from it will also have an expiry and is therefore not true happiness. So, by investing our time, energy, resources in living life for our limited self and acquiring things in order to be happy, often becomes a misnomer. 

So then, what is true happiness and where is it? Can there be a permanent way to remain happy? Through this conference, we extend our cordial invitation to Industrialists, Businessmen & Corporate Professionals to understand the meaning of true happiness & realize that it is much beyond what we see, hear, taste or feel, and also explore the rules of business of life, to receive unlimited and true happiness.


Who Can Register?

We extend a cordial invitation to Businessmen, Industrialists & Corporate Professionals

  • Families are allowed.
  • Separate programme will be organized for children.
  • Please reserve your seats only after receiving confirmation.'
  • No replacement is valid.