• 8 July (2017) 0 Comments 856 Views
    Happiness and wellbeing of the people are the new indicators to measure the country’s actual progress. Governments all over the world are beginning to recognize the relevance of creating and
  • 5 September (2016) 0 Comments 162 Views
    God – the Supreme is merciful. God’s mercy is that He imparts the spiritual wisdom and His love and power to us so that we realise and transform our negativities. We humans are His spiritual progeny
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    Be Still: Learn to sit quietly and meet yourself in stillness. Peace will come and sit beside you. Live Simple: Move through the world with a pure mind and heart. Simplicity means taking only what
  • 5 September (2016) 0 Comments 124 Views
    “Why is it important for us to create an atmosphere of peace?  We should have so much peace and silence accumulated inside that when a situation arises, the vibrations of our accumulated peace are
  • 5 September (2016) 0 Comments 158 Views
    Each one of us has our own inner world. We create our own world inside ourselves. Be a detached observer and just see what type of a world you have created for yourself. Whatever types of thoughts
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    What does silence mean? Silence is an inner space in which the soul is able to connect its thoughts to God. In silence a very useful thought – an elevated thought to do something good – arises, and
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    Thought power is one of the most beneficial creative powers we possess. Like seeds, if we feed and nourish them with the right attention, they will have a natural tendency to grow and manifest