Do I have to be religious in order to be spiritual. Are religion and spirituality the same thing or are they different?
Religion and spirituality are entirely two different things. Religion is of the body – I am born into a certain religion and usually follow the customs and practices associated with it. I also have a choice of which religion to adopt. I could be born into one religion and choose to follow a different religion.
Spirituality is understanding the inner spirit- the self- the conscient energy which runs/operates this body. The more spiritual I am, the better I understand myself  as to who am I, where have I come from, where do I want to go, what is the purpose of my life, what are my core values and what are my weaknesses. When I have a complete understanding of my self I am able to understand and connect better with others too at a deeper level. Since we are all living spirits and spirituality is knowing the spirit, we are all born spiritual. Spirituality unites religions together and helps finish body consciousness /ego. Spirituality infact connects all human beings at the deepest level reinforcing the feeling of universal brotherhood.


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