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    Think of the bumpiest road you’ve ever driven on, with all sorts of crazy traffic almost coming on to you, and you being driven nuts with the non-stop exercise of changing gears, braking and re-
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    Happiness is the most coveted destination the world over. But despite our passionate chase, it comes fleetingly between several moments of boredom and bitterness. A welcome change, a promotion at
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    We are all conscious nowadays about how we keep our body fit and what we eat in a day, so a number of health foods and fads have made it to our lifestyle. But is that all we need to be healthy? What
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      On Gandhi Jayanti, when our country remembers the Father of the Nation, two principles that he demonstrated all his life are most remembered – truth and non-violence. From a spiritual vantage point
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    “The human being is a social animal”. Every human being, by nature and originality has an inherent need to connect with other souls at some level. This true connection with others, brings about, a
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      When we falter in the game of life, make bad decisions and watch our dreams crumble down in front of our eyes, what do we need to get through such difficult times? We need immense inner strength to
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    Yoga is a buzz word today. Each one seems to be practicing or seeking out some form of yoga. Yoga can be classified broadly as ‘hath yoga’ and ‘sahaj yoga’. The former relates to bodily practices and
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    Each one to receive the fruits of his effort. A seed is planted in the anticipation of the fruits it would produce.   The unassuming tiny seed has the potential to develop into a full grown tree.
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